What inspired us?

Benjamin Franklin while advising a few young tradesmen spelt out the phrase ‘Time is Money’. This phrase was to highlight the ‘opportunity cost’.

Challenge No


Generally, any person spends his or her time on entertainment just to relax or ease from the stress out of their routines. It is implicit that there are imminent challenges for everybody in marking a time for entertainment. Either it is the challenge of affordability or it is a constraint due to pre-occupancy.

Challenge No


Today’s media world is a World of Opportunities. While it is an ideal mode of entertainment or useful time spent for the audience, it is an easy-reach platform for advertisers of products and services and moreover, it is the best opportunity for the media itself to be expressive, interesting and still making lives and livelihood. How does this World of Opportunity percolate to the Common Man?

Our Solution

Qbucks, a concept of JustReach Consulting, is a modern day technique synonymous to the phrase of Benjamin Franklin that would make him proud too. This concept clubs the values of Time, Opportunity and Knowledge. This clubbed value is interfaced with Entertainment. Smart phone is the buzz word of today’s world. According to recent research studies, 3 hours and 5 minutes is spent on an average by every smart phone user with his or her gadget. This is a significant 20% of the time when one is awake. The usage time is a phenomenon by itself.


The content providers have a challenge to manage and maintain interesting content continuously, the advertiser needs to optimize this opportunity for gaining penetration and better market presence and the media needs to collaborate with right teams to keep audience engaged and interested. Well, these are direct beneficiaries of the media world. What about the common man who invests a great amount of time?

It is here, Qbucks comes into play. This mobile app will make you earn when you are getting entertained too!!

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